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Get this exclusive Patriotic American Flag Magnet for any donation you make TODAY to help reclaim enough minority voters to the Republican Party to end the Left's race-baiting lies and cripple the Democratic Party in elections for years to come!


Dear Fellow Patriot,

Stars & Stripes Forever PAC is reclaiming minority voters to the Republican Party with a proven method of minority outreach and advertising that has helped us win many major victories in 2014, 2016, and 2018...

...and the results of the 2020 Election show HISTORIC gains with minority voters.

But Democrats and their Leftwing Fake News Media comrades understand that they can't win if they continue to lose their iron-grip on minority voters...

...so they've gone ALL IN on destroying President Trump's populist movement with 24/7 trash-talking, slander, and race-baiting lies.

I'm counting on you to stand in the trenches with me and fight to SAVE OUR COUNTRY from these hateful liberal extremists...

...by reclaiming minority voters and continue our mission to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

So please give what you can today.

For America,

John Philip Sousa IVJohn Philip Sousa IV
John Philip Sousa IV
National Chairman

Who's Donating: Brian A. from Virginia

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